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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  January 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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path of a storm. >> the stage is set, the opponents have arrived. >> hey brady, i think we're going to bury you. >> this is not so much trash talk as it is trash singing. >> plus, a broncos fan knits a unique story of this season line by line. point by point. >> countdown and proud of it. the most emotional night of the national western. >> thank you everybody. thank you. >> 9news starts now. >> the latest check of the forecast for washington dc is still holding to predictions of more than a foot by morning. another foot or more by saturday night. about 11 inches have fallen so far. we are seeing the capital and somebody trying to clean off the lens of the camera. that is how much snow is falling. add to that, though, winds up
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earlier forecasts for lesser amounts have been changed to more than expected. philadelphia had been told to brace for a foot of snow. to two feet. new york city was predicted to get about six to nine. it could see 12 to 18 before it is all over. >> the radar makes it look like the storm is aiming at the most populous part of the country. 22million will be digging out the country. at least nine people have died in storm related crashes across four states. the california highway patrol has reported 1200 crashes so far. virginia state police more than 800. washington dc is already waving the white flag on transit canceling rail and bus service. this storm has the potential of being the biggest in dc history. the all-time record is 28 inches of snow back in january of 1922. >> winter storm conditions have halted air traffic in the
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travel nationwide. 600 flights have been canceled. 64 in denver canceled because of the storm. it is a tale of contrast. the high in denver was in the low 50s , tomorrow, we will be close to 60 degrees. sunday, we return to the reality of january in colorado. just in time for the afc championship game. danielle will have more in a few minutes. another school shooting this time in canada. a gunman killed four people in a high school in far northern saskatchewan in la loche. investigators are not discussing a motive at this time. at home, arapahoe high school's shooting affecting how schools look at safety. claire davis was killed by a classmate who turned the gun on himself. reports are that the school district missed warning signs.
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went to the state capital where the legislators are looking over them. jonathan gonzalez joins us with more. >> reporter: that shooting has influenced some changes in the law, but much of the discussion today was about culture. those who see warning signs and fail to report them. what they want to do is make a system that can spot warning signs. >> all three reports conclude there were gaps and errors in the threat assessment process and all three recommend systemic changes. >> reporter: claire davis' family asked for legislators to have a change. >> schools play a critical role in identifying troubled students and directing them to resources they need to receive help. >> reporter: today's question could a change in laws help schools train adults and students on what to look for. >> what is needed now is the
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than ideal. they need to become requirements. these are certain behaviors that we would consider as concerning and they say boys will be boys. >> reporter: they spoke of a culture problem, underreporting, not thoughing how to read the signs. report. they are not trained. how do they know this is something i should report? know what to report. remains. can laws change culture? >> all you have to do is develop a vortex. an individual or a team where all data flows into and they can see the whole picture and you don't miss anything. nothing slides through the cracks. >> it is not just the schools. what we saw in all three of the issue. this is a social issue. >> reporter: a law could help a system that tracks reporting but what would it take those to
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>> it doesn't cost a penny more to care. >> reporter: the committee told those who spoke they were impressed with how extensive the reports were. they will take what they heard today and process it and there is no timetable on when any new legislation may be produced. there were so little signs that a lot of people knew, but never were they able to put it together to say this could be a problem. this is a threat. >> the reports didn't point to one person or people who made catastrophic errors but smaller >> reporter: absolutely, what they hope for is they can come up with one group, one person whether it be in a school district or a school that can collect all those thoughts and threats and say hey, maybe this is a problem. >> jonathan, thank you. an accident in arizona killed a sky diver from colorado. 34-year-old jeffrey lloyd from boulder had years of experience and more than 500 jumps. yesterday, everything seemed routine about his jump until he was about 100 feet off the ground.
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sky dive arizona took him up for yesterday's jump. it was the second death for that company in a month. a 94-year-old man is accused of sexually assaulting a 73-year-old woman in her home in denver. the district attorney formally charged robert leonard with two counts of sexual assault. he attacked the victim january 6. the two were acquaintances. he is out on $50,000 bond and expected back in court two weeks. an associated press report outlines a maintenance accident that damaged a nuclear missile in colorado. it happened in may of 2014. errors damaged it in the launch silo. the airmen lost their certifications. the accident never compromised safety. sunday will mark the second time in three years that the
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championship game. like the game in 2014, new england will come here looking for a trip to the superbowl. the last time those teams met, denver won easily. the game will mark the fourth time p.a. peyton manning and tom brady have faced off. boston is only expecting one to four inches of snow this weekend so the team had no trouble flying to denver this evening. players boarded the buses for the motorcade for their hotel downtown. happy orange friday everyone. when broncos fans were asked to wear their pride on their sleeve. fans packed larimer square for a pep valley. broncos superfans were there. the monsters, the father son duo who are a staple at each game. >> this will be 11 years now. it is a family thing. me and my son, second third generation bronco fan. been doing this for 11 years. season ticketholders.
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>> that was kerry green, the older mile high monster. he says his costume has 1,000 orange pompoms. if you have an anthem for the game, we have one. a musician rearranged some lyrics and played them for steve staeger. >> it is about emotion. >> reporter: if emotion is the driving force behind this six string, it is easy to tell how danny feels about sunday. >> and you will probably a whine, a little crying too. hey brady, i think we are going to bury you. >> i'm not good at a lot of things. i can't fix a car or build a house but i can write songs. >> reporter: manning's ready
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on his forehead, a big red spot. this time he couldn't resist, though it may seem a little petty. hey, brady, there ain't no easy way out >> reporter: have you sensed a theme yet? >> i went to the superbowl halftime shows over the last few years. i took their songs and did a mashup melody for the broncos this weekend. if you played it, you should have put a ring on it. oh, oh, oh, no, no, no. >> it has been an uphill battle all year. >> manning used to rule the world >> when i looked at these songs, the season lent itself to the songs. >> reporter: while all of it may sound like a cold play on words ...
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>> reporter: danny hopes it fires up. >> reporter: von miller funk you up. steve staeger, 9news. >> danny posted his song online wednesday night. didn't think it would take off at all. it had more than a thousand views before it landed on 9news. >> i like that. okay. the most emotional night of the year at the western stock show. people waiting for the storm hitting to stock up, one of the biggest things is hockey. >> beautiful weather now. the question, how long will it last? >> we have received hundreds of your broncos photos. one in particular caught my eye. the scarf who can tell the
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>> i thought canadians were supposed to be pros of driving in the snow. this is not a pro move. ontario police agreed and gave this peephole driver a ticket for failing to have a clear view. they tweeted this photo after issuing the ticket. the officer did help the 80- year-old driver clear off the rest of his car. the western stock show is heading into the final weekend. each year, the junior livestock auction. the junior exhibitors raise their own animals and exhibit them. the one that is the best is grand champion. the animals brought record prices this year. the grand champion lamb was barrie. the 50,000 final bid was made for the prize lamb. >> what will you do with all
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>> it will go into my college. >> bringing home the bacon. literally and figuratively. blake logan from indiana had the grand champion hog. last year, it sold for 36,000, this year, it sold for 53,000, one animal gets special billing. it is the grand champion steer which gets to take center stage and the main lobby of the brown palace downtown. these kids spent almost every waking moment with their animals. 16-year-old macy gareska got emotional talking about the steer named remy. >> he is one of my best calves that i have had. it is hard to explain the kind of bond you can have with cattle. >> bidding started at 35,000
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top bid at 100,000. when the gavel landed it was $170,000 for remy. she plans to use the money to help pay for college at iowa state. hi there, meteorologist danielle grant here in the backyard. we are less than 48 hours until the big broncos game. we are celebrating down here in the city as well as up in the mountains. take a look at these shots. from crested butte, they are shows off their broncos pride. this one along the continental divide at the loveland ski area. dustin schaeffer is dressed in orange. early on, if you are out there tailgating no problem. it will be cool. kickoff low 40s . it should be dry, but then the storm system begins to push in, in the late afternoon. i'm thinking the second half is when we have a possible of seeing more like a wintery mix.
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downtown denver orange and blue looking good after a great afternoon. 52 out at dia. a little warmer downtown. it was nice and balmy in southeast colorado. some spots in the 30s and 40s in the mountains. so right now out at the airport, 36 degrees. we can handle 7 miles an hour wind. in the backyard pretty comfortable. our reading there is at 38 degrees. on hd doppler, it has been a very quiet day across colorado. i can't say the same for the eastern seaboard where they have been bracing for this crippling storm that has been pushing in starting in the deep south and working its way up the coastline not only bringing incredible snowfall, but also a bit of coastal flooding coming in. this is going to continue at least for the next 24 hours and we will be looking at some extremely impressive snowfall rates. this is one of our live cameras out there of the blizzard smacking into washington dc. looks like maybe a light little lull.
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snowfall out there on the capital. this storm system will be one for the books for sure as we have winter storm warnings in place everywhere you see in red and the blizzard warning until 10:00 sunday morning for the dc area, baltimore, and then all the way in toward new york too. look at this. 20 to 30 inches. it is wild out there. dc and baltimore along the i-95 corridor, up through philadelphia, close to two feet possible and eight to 16 inches toward new york, on top of all this snow they are getting, extremely gusty winds out there. it is going to be tough. if you have friends and family there, give them a buzz, make sure they are well prepared. they have to hunker down and sit with it as the storm moves up the coastline. high pressure was around. it is going to zip on out of here tomorrow. here comes the storm system bringing us a few flurries and some steadier snow overnight into monday. here is the deal. the next 24 hours picture perfect.
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the cloud deck up and down the i-25 corridor. lit be late tomorrow evening that the clouds will increase across the western slope. might see a few light little snow flakes coming into the north western corner of colorado. as far as early indications of snowfall through monday, i'm thinking around 1 to 3 inches. i will fine tune these numbers as it gets closer but certainly the foothills and the mountains have a better shot of making six inches. tonight, temperatures cooling down to the teens and 20s around here. cooler in the high country. 27 in the metro area with martially cloudy skies. sunrise 7:15 on the dot. tomorrow, how about 57? close to 60 degrees around here. we will be hitting the 60s in southeast colorado and it should be a balmy day in the mountains. a bluebird day. 59 in arvada. low 50s in boulder. northern colorado looking good in the mid 40s for estes park. again, the storm system sunday afternoon. that is when it is going to start to move in. might see a little bit of rain before it transitions to snow.
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to be the cool raw day with the winds picking up and then you guys, wednesday, thursday, a handful of 50s and then we next weekend. looks phenomenal. it does. 60 degrees in february. thank you danielle. >> you bet. this snowstorm hitting washington dc doesn't scare anyone. regular people, politicians or one of the best hockey players on the planet. >> can you film you guys? can we film you? i'm so sorry. i swear i was not expecting this. >> alex ovechkin of the washington capitals spent his evening filling up gas cans. he is from russia and says he is used this kind of weather. ovechkin decided to use his free time to help out a few neighbors. >> we are going to clean up for our neighborhoods. nothing to do anyway. >> so your plan is you want to
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since you are not playing tonight? >> yeah. maybe, many people. our home. >> the gas station is apparently a favorite stopping place for ovechkin. our sister station there in that area found him last week there buying a ticket for the billion dollar power ball jackpot. a little friendly competition going on between the broncos and the patriots fans. before the game sunday, we and our sister stations on the east coast have posted photos of each team and opened up voting for who has the best one. it is unscientific and has a lot of broncos fans clearly. they are winning with more than 1900 of the 3100 votes cast. we will announce the winner sunday morning around 7:00 so if you want to play, get your votes in before then. love the hundreds of broncos pride photos you sent us this week. but one truly stood out.
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line of blue for each point scored and white lines between games. she has plenty of yarn to get
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>> from colorado's sports leader, here is rod mackey. >> the players play the game, but don't sell those coaches short. they will have a huge impact on sunday as well. in fact, kubiak and belichick are already playing the game. the mind game. bill has listed 16 patriots as questionable. the game. but kubiak tells the truth, all the broncos are probable. even chris harris. this is as far as kubiak has as
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>> you know, i think i learned a great deal from mike through the years. the one thing i learned come playoff time, taking my time as a coach, don't overanalyze things. let your players do what they do best. let them go play. that's our approach. you try to get them in the best possible position you can. let them play, they worked hard to get here. i want them to be confident about what they are doing. >> isn't it a good thing the game is here instead of there. the patriots touched down at dia at 12:12 p.m. they had to get away from that snowstorm. they believe this will be the last brady peyton. but they are not buying it. they believe in peyton. >> no, peyton is peyton man. the playoffs, a good team. he is a veteran guy. he knows the game. and he knows how to slow the game down for himself and he is
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>> he is peyton manning. so the patriots believe in peyton. but some believe his days in denver are about to end. >> reporter: i'm not going to tell you this is peyton manning's final game overall in his career, but i will say save the tickets. because, win or lose, this most likely will be manning's final home game as a bronco. we all remember john elway taking that farewell lap at old mile high after the 1998 afc championship game. i think it would be great if he took a spin around the new mile shy after the game sunday. but just like andrew luck met a shocking end in indianapolis, brock osweiler will probably mean manning's exit from denver. he is a free agent and the broncos have to resign him. >> he has been tremendous. he can show he can play in the league.
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i was really impressed with brock. he has growing pains but you always do as a young quarterback. >> reporter: osweiler won't resign here if the broncos bring back manning. nothing against him. but he has earned the chance to become the top guy. >> touchdown, denver. >> reporter: this is an exciting time for broncos fans. the city of denver is hosting the afc championship game. that's been done before though. the final home game for peyton manning? that is what they call an historic moment. mike klis, 9news. >> mike, thank you. this just in, there is more to this weekend in sports than just the broncos and patriots. the avs hosting the blues tonight. goals tough to come by in this one. they took one away from the avalanche. but, colorado came through in the end. 53 seconds left. nathan mackinnon played hero. these guys are so good with an empty net. that tied the game up and the avs went onto win in a shoot- out.
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all three wins with theidentical score of 2-1. emmanuel sanders on his teammates. >> peyton and brock. peyton comes in like roar. and brock is like let's go guys. so, not really too many jokes off in the huddle but that is the difference. >> who is the funniest guy out of the huddle? >> that is definitely aqib talib especially with the squeaky voice. hey man, what's up? how y'all doing man? >> dt's a character. >> dt is crazy. he is quiet though. he is like shaq you know what i mean? what did you say? >> this is pretty good. i didn't know you could do impersonations. [ laughter ] >> anyway man. >> you have done peyton. >> i will do any impersonation. i'm emmanuel sanders. [ laughter ]
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>> we have a new theme for the show. lots of material. >> yep.
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>> here we go. >> it's all for us. jeff daniels the a guest next.
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